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. "

hello- i have a bosch SGE63E05UC dishwasher that has the E24 drain error code, which halts cleaning cycle. I have

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Old 05-12-2014, 08:36 AM
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Question dishwasher E24 drain error
Model Number: SGE63E05UC   Brand: Bosch   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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i have a bosch SGE63E05UC dishwasher that has the E24 drain error code, which halts cleaning cycle.

I have looked for clogs under the screen and at the drain impeller...none appear and the impeller turns freely.

after fiddling about trying to get it to work, i have discovered that: * disconnecting the drain hose at the air gap under the sink and lying that hose down to drain it and even trying to suck out water from it (not too gross) and then blowing into it (check valve quickly engages so only a bubble or two out of the bottom of the dishwasher) and then reattaching it to the drain hose, the dishwasher will then work for the next cycle or two.

when working, it works! everything appears to function normally, including water being pumped out of the dishwasher into the disposal.

however, after a few days of not being used, the E24 will come back on and then i repeat the emptying of the drain hose as above*.

i dont understand what is wrong...?! it works, but then it doesnt.

before the E24 code appears, during the first minute i turn on the dishwasher cycle, i can hear the drain pump turn on and off maybe three times, i think the washer pump may go on briefly, and then the code appears and the dishwasher is stopped.

as indicated, if i can get the dishwasher to where the wash cycle light is on, it will complete the entire cleaning successfully.
when turning on the washer the first time after several hours off/especially overnight, and i hit the start button, the drain pump, and perhaps also the circulation pump, will turn on and off a few times, but will result in the e24 error.

however, if after turning off and on and hitting start again, but pouring in a pitcher of water during the pump(s) pre-cycling, the washer will advance to the wash cycle and finish successfully.

so 1) i dont think there are any clogs. i can see water stream into the disposal during drain mode.
2) i think it is something electrical that is faulty, but only happens before wash cycle light goes on.

could you send me a service/repair manual (email attachment, pdf)?
i did order a new drain pump, not yet received.
any ideas what is wrong? how/what to test to diagnose?
i did read a post that suggested a weak drain pump that had a weak electrical connection and had to warm up, otherwise the computer would throw the e24 error.. but wouldnt another error be displayed?
your help would be most appreciated.

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Old 05-15-2014, 05:04 PM
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Default update re e24 error

model is the bosch SGE63E05UC dishwasher
its displaying the e24 drain error. i have replaced the drain pump, the new one is much quieter. Note, i have checked for clogs, there are none.

the problem and work around is as follows:

after pressing the start button the drain pump will run a few seconds, then the circulation pump will run a few seconds, and finally the drain pump will run for a minute after which there is the e24 error

however, if during the minute the drain pump is operating, i just quickly open and close the door, the drain pump will stop and the program will progress to the wash cycle (wash cycle light comes on). the dishwasher will function normally.

my best guess is the circuit board or sensor is faulty.

how does the computer determine that there is a drain problem? the drain pump is able to remove all but maybe an inch of water from the sump where the drain pump impeller is. why would just opening and closing the door progress the program to the wash cycle?
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Old 11-22-2014, 07:44 AM
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Question Mine too! What did you find out?

My Bosch dishwasher she6ap02uc/06 does what sounds like the same thing.

If it has sat - like overnight - I will
  1. start a cycle
  2. drain pump runs for about 30-60 seconds
  3. wash pump (I think) runs for about 30 seconds
  4. drain pump again runs for about 30 seconds
  5. machine shuts down and displays e24
Try powering off, and it repeats. There is no visible water in the machine. And the filters are clean.

If the water valve opens and a cycle does run, it runs fine.

It used to be very intermittent, but I thought I found a cure by wet vac'ing the drain line at the dishwasher end and cleaning out. This no longer works.

I've tried, "plunging" the inside as suggested, nothing.

However - I could get it to run by running the self test - depressing my two arrow buttons (which change the cycles) turning the unit on at the same time, releasing all buttons, and then starting the cycle by depressing both arrow buttons simultaneously again.
  • The test cycle runs and completes - no error code at end
  • After this, I can run a cycle just fine.
  • I guess the machine is warmed up?
After reading your thread - aa2by2 - I tried the door open during the second drain pump run at the beginning, and it WORKED!

I haven't tried the door open "right away", but I will when I see another failure.

I'm also running a vinegar solution cycle to see if there's anything I can knock loose.

It sounds exactly the same, did you find anything out?

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Old 11-22-2014, 09:46 AM
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Default the fix

what i found out is that the problem is electronic. all the plunging, draining, cleaning will not do anything .

there are two circuit boards in the dw, after considering that it may be one or both and the cost of then having to get both because they are not returnable, i just went ahead and got a new dishwasher since that is nearly the cost of a new one anyway....

however, when i installed it, i hardwired in a surge protector, figuring that a voltage spike might have damaged the control board.
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Old 02-02-2015, 11:41 AM
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Default Bosch e24 possible solution

Bosch model sge63e05uc. Been struggling with e24 drain pump error. Multiple attempts checking drain and replaced drain pump to no avail. Today found that wire connector retainer was missing on soap dispenser where three red wires from door control module attach. Plug not seated onto contacts. Pressed back into place and machine started correctly. Necessary to remove both the door black plastic switch cover and the lower metal door cover for access.
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Old 03-25-2015, 02:10 PM
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Default Work around for E24 Error

If you're getting an E24 error on your Bosch Dishwasher, this works for us - even though we have to do it every time. When you start the cycle, you'll hear the drain pump kick in, after that, you'll hear the pump down shift (like a car), but if you wait 7 or 8 seconds after the pump down shifts at the beginning of the cycle and then open/close the door, the dishwasher finishes the complete cycle.
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Old 09-28-2015, 03:07 PM
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I also have a Bosch dishwasher prone to err code E24, which replaced the Whirlpool I had for 15 years. This started happening just after it's first birthday, of course. I think the first time it happened was when I broiled a rack of lamb and didn't adequately clear all of the fat before putting the pan in the dishwasher. Thanks to this website I got a lot of ideas on how to solve the problem. That time I used the bathroom plunger over the disposal (and a lot of soap afterward). But in the last six months it has been happening intermittently. Last week when it happened and the plunger didn't work. In frustration, decided we needed a new solution (other than wasting water to create the needed vacuum--we're in severe drought!). So, if it's the drain hose, what could clear the drain hose?--maybe vibration to knock the junk loose so it can flush away? I put my ultrasonic toothbrush in a plastic bag, turned it on and ran it up and down the outside length of the offending drain hose, holding my hand behind the hose so it couldn't escape. Guess what. It worked. Dishwasher seems happy to be rid of the intestinal blockage and is doing a great job. Goodbye frowny face!
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Old 10-16-2016, 07:56 AM
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jeanne951 - thank you, thank you, thank you!

I had tried almost everything, short of having a repairman in. Your ultrasonic toothbrush solution did the trick! Only a little of the drain tube is exposed on my bosch dishwasher, and I just applied the humming toothbrush for about 10 seconds. Wow, you just saved me a ton of dough - I was about to start on the expensive options of repair/replacement.

Haha goodbye frowny face, that made me chuckle...
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Old 10-23-2016, 09:43 PM
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If your bosch dishwasher is showing the E24 or E25 fault then this is pump problem. You will need to take the pump out to make sure there is no glass or bits of food blocking the pump.

Junior Appliance Repair

Last edited by appliancesrepairedmonton : 02-10-2017 at 02:43 AM.
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Old 03-29-2017, 11:52 PM
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Default Problem Solved

OK, our Bosch dishwasher has been having repeated E24 errors, too. Believe that I've solved it. Here's what I did:

First, I got under the sink area where the dishwasher water outlet line is coupled to the rubber hose line that leads to the "air-gap" gizmo which is connected to the sewage drain. I then disconnected this connection which was held together with metal hose clamps. (Have a pot ready to catch the residual water in the hoses when you do this.)

Figuring that there might be a blockage in the black rubber hose leading up to the "air gap" gizmo, I then had my wife hold the lower end of the black rubber hose into a big pot while I went to the sink, unscrewed the top cap of the "air gap" gizmo, and used a funnel to pour warm/hot water down into the now exposed central hose of the "air gap" gizmo. Gravity pulls the water down and out of the lower end of the rubber hose into the pot. This flushes out the black rubber hose line of any garbage that may be clogging the line. However, I noted that the water coming out of the lower end of the black rubber hose was just a trickle and the water in the big funnel on the "air gap" gizmo took a long time to drain. This led me to suspect that (1) the E24 error was indeed due to a clogged line and (2) my attempt to clear the line by pouring water into the upper end of the line was not successful.

So to more forcefully flush out the black rubber hose line, I next got a small piece of vinyl hose from my garage to put over the lower end of the black rubber hose so that I could use my lungs to forcefully blow air into the lower end of the black rubber hose and have whatever garbage was clogging up the line come out of the still-exposed top end of the line at the "air gap" gizmo. (I used the piece of vinyl hose so that I wouldn't have to put my lips directly onto the lower end of the black hose). My wife was ready at the upper end of the black rubber hose at the air gap with some paper towels to absorb/deflect the water that would come out. I then gave a BIG blow into the lower end of the black rubber hose. Lots of water and small bits of vegetables and rice came out of the top end of the hose (I underestimated how much water and stuff would come out of the top end of the hose. Make sure that your wife is better prepared than mine.)

Finally, to see if we had been successful at clearing the line, we went back to my using a funnel to pour warm/hot water into the exposed end of the black rubber hose line at the "air gap" gizmo while my wife directed the output of the lower end of the black rubber hose line into a big pot. It worked! The water in the funnel drained amazingly quickly, and my wife noted that the water coming out of the lower end of the black rubber hose was a big, strong stream of water rather than the small trickle of water that we witnessed the first time.

Given the difference in the flow behavior of this dishwasher outlet rubber hose, I'm pretty confident that we've solved the problem, at least until the next time that small bits of food manage to make their way past the dishwasher's filters and clog the water outlet line.

I suggest making sure that the Bosch dishwasher filter is fully locked into place whenever it is put back into the dishwasher. I believe that we were careless about screwing the filter into its fully locked position at least one time and possibly more, and that may have led to the outlet line clog that we had.

Bottom Line: Our dishwasher, at least, was correct in complaining about a clogged outlet line with its E24 error. We clearly had a clogged outlet line but flushing out the line with a big breath and a strong blow into the line was able to clear it. Not so sure about the "electric toothbrush" method that I read in a post above. It might do the trick but then again it might not. I think that the only way to be sure short of entirely replacing a clogged line is to give it a good, strong powerful flush with pressurized air or water.
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