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dave06355 01-15-2014 09:50 AM

Bosch SHU5314UC/06 will not fill
At first would not drain and drain motor running. I used a shop vac to empty and vac out the base and rinsed out the screen and filter. Put back together and added water to see if it would drain and it did. Now it will not fill and has the 'F' displayed for a fill problem. It does not fill so not imaginary. I can not really see how they are related or are they. I also do not see how vacuuming the base and pump inlet would not fill now.

Looking at the schematic it looks like there are only 3 parts involved other than the control board. They are the water valve, float switch and water level switch or is there more? A parts location diagram/manual would be helpful as well. In 2008 I did do the solder job on the control and has been working fine since then.

In a word..HELP!!!!


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