Door that holds the soap powder wont stay closed


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The door that holds the soap will not stay closed. Possible to repair/replace?? Related Models Frigidaire  GLD2150RCB0  Frigidaire/dishwasher Frigidaire  GLD2150RCB1

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Default Door that holds the soap powder wont stay closed
Model Number: GLD 5800L00BB   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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The door that holds the soap will not stay closed. Possible to repair/replace??

Related Models
Frigidaire GLD2150RCB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2150RCB1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2150RCC0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2150RCC1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2150RCQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2150RCQ1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2150RCS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2150RCS1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2155RDB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2155RDC0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2155RDC1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2155RDC2 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2155RDQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2155RDS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2160SCB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2160SCB1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2160SCC0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2160SCC1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2160SCQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2160SCQ1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2160SCS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2160SCS1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2161SCB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2161SCB1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2161SCC0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2161SCC1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2161SCQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2161SCQ1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2161SCS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2161SCS1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2162RDC0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDB1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDB2 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDB3 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDC0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDC1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDC2 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDC3 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDC4 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDQ1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDQ2 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDQ3 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDS1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDS2 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2250RDS3 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2350RCB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2350RCB1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2350RCC0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2350RCC1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2350RCQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2350RCQ1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2350RCS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2350RCS1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2355RDB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2355RDC0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2355RDC1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2355RDQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2355RDS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440REB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440REB1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440REB2 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440REC0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440REC1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440REC2 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440REQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440REQ1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440REQ2 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440RES0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440RES1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2440RES2 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2445RFB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2445RFC0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2445RFQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2445RFS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2450RDB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2450RDB1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2450RDQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2450RDQ1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2450RDS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2450RDS1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2451RDB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2451RDQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2451RDS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2555NDB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2555NDQ0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2555NDS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
General Electric GLD2800T05BB DISHWASHER
General Electric GLD2800T05WW DISHWASHER
General Electric GLD2800T10BB DISHWASHER
General Electric GLD2800T10WW DISHWASHER
General Electric GLD2850T05CS DISHWASHER
General Electric GLD2850T10CS DISHWASHER
Frigidaire GLD2860RDB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2860RDS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2870RFB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2870RFS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2875FPB0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2875FPB1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2875FPW0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GLD2875FPW1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
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