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I just installed a used Fisher Paykle 2 drawer dishwasher. Everything seems to run well enough except when I use

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Default water in drawers
Model Number: FP603SS   Brand: -other-   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I just installed a used Fisher Paykle 2 drawer dishwasher.
Everything seems to run well enough except when I use the top drawer water winds up in the bottom one.
When I use the bottom one water evens goes into the top one.
Both are at the end of the cycle.
Hoses are clear and not kinked but I suspect the water is going thru the Y hose joiner.
I had to extend the drain hose because of a long distance to the drain.
There is another cabinet between the diswasher and sink
Any suggestions.
I was thinking to run separate drain hoses.

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Most likely the problem is with the both check valves. It's just a simple rubber flapper placed at the beginning of the drain hose.
Unfortunately, we do not carry the parts for FP appliances. Contact the manufacturer.

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