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reggiegoings 01-17-2013 10:36 AM

My Portable dishwasher has very faint light on panel
My dishwasher worked for less than two years then it would not start anymore. There is a very faint green light emitting from start button but nothing happens when selected.

It seems as though the control panel is the problem. The cable connected to it seems to have a couple of the pins slightly discolored. This may be a result of the design - with the cable pressing against the metal chassis.

But anyway, are there any used parts available to repair this or should I just order a new one? It seems that it is the design and I might be able to get a used one and place some felt in between the cable and the chassis and eliminate this problem.

Please let me know if a used panel would suffice and if there is a marketplace for perchasing one.



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