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I have a Frigidaire Dishwasher ( Model#GLD2250RDC3 ) that slowly stopped draining over several uses. Although it is an older

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Default Frigidaire DW Will Not Drain
Model Number: GLD2250RDC3   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: Less than 1 year   

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I have a Frigidaire Dishwasher (Model#GLD2250RDC3) that slowly stopped draining over several uses. Although it is an older dishwasher it was installed about 3 months ago and was never used before then.

At first, when I found more RINSE water than normal was left in the bottom of the DW (touching the heating element), I started a new cycle (which caused the pump to run) then pressed "Cancel" which caused the pump to run for another 90 sec. I could hear the whisper of the pump as well as hear the water drain into the garbage disposal - taking the water down to a level I was used to (about 3/4 inch from screen).

After doing this for a couple weeks I could still hear the pump but I couldn't hear the water anymore and the water wasn't draining from the DW. I also noticed the water was dirtier/soapier than when the issue first started. Consequently leaving water with debris on top of the dishes. It appears as though when I first noticed it that the wash cycle must have completely drained, replacing the soapy/dirty water with cleaner rinse water and as time went on, the wash water didn't drain either. This is just speculation though.

Is it possible the pump is bad even though it still runs?

Here is what I have done so far:
1. Verified no blockage inside the dishwasher - I removed the sprayer arm & screen and made sure there was nothing blocking the drain (we thoroughly rinse our dishes prior to putting them in the DW so there was little chance this was the problem).

2. Verified no blockage in the drain tube - first I detached the tube from the pump and successfully blew through the tube, but I also removed the tube and ran water through it from the faucet. I was pretty sure this wasn't the problem either since it has only been in use for 3 months.

3. Verified the pump is running - after disassembling the pump housing, I re-connected the wiring and started a cycle on the DW. The pump impeller rotated. To make sure it would pump water, I poured a pitcher of water into the DW and the water came down into the pump and was forced out of the pump into another pitcher. When I inserted the inlet portion of the pump into a pan of water, it did not have enough power to create a vacuum and suck the water out of the pan, but that may be normal.

After completely detaching the DW from water and power I thought I should have tried pumping the water through the drain hose into the sink just to see if it had enough power to pump through that much pipe. I might give that a try while waiting for feedback to this post.

Everything I have read on websites assumes the pump is bad only if the impeller isn't turning, is it possible that it is bad even though the pump turns?

Thanks for your help!

UPDATE: 1/4/13 I haven't received replies yet so I keep researching. It seams that the more I research the more questions I have.

A couple websites (on other models) suggested that no/slow draining could be the cause of a bad solenoid. However, in the parts diagram for my model I can't find a solenoid. I have also found references to different types of pumps: Reversible and Direct Drive. It is unclear which type I have, the manual doesn't specify and the websites I reviewed didn't describe how to find the type for your model of DW.

Descriptions of the two types of pumps suggest that I could have either - here's why:
1. Direct Drive: The user manual for my model says "Precision Direct Wash System" - does this imply "Direct Drive"?

2. Reversible: It appears that my model has only a single pump (unless the second is extremely obscure). The lack of a second pump/motor suggests that one pump performs both the wash pumping (to circulate water through the spray arms into the cabinet) and the drain pumping (to eliminate the water from the cabinet).

However, in the same descriptions are ambiguities:
1. The part diagram does not specify two pumps (Wash & Drain) - must not be a direct drive.
2. The part diagram does not specify a solenoid which is used to switch (reverse) the pump from wash to drain - it must not be a reversible pump.

Another option I can think of is that the solenoid may be internal to the reversible pump. Therefore servicing the pump is analogous to servicing the solenoid. Though adding to the ambiguity, why do websites not include troubleshooting the electrical components of the internal solenoid the same way they do for the external solenoids?

If anyone can clear up my misunderstandings it sure would be appreciated.

1. Can a pump need replaced even if the impeller works?
2. Which type of pump does the Frigidaire GLD2250RDC3 have?
3. How does a person tell what type of pump their DW has?
4. In my specific situation, what techniques can be used to identify the issue rather than rely on speculation?

Thanks Everyone!

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