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vltjr 12-18-2012 04:08 PM

GE door balance problem
I've searched the forum and found several threads describing my problem, but nothing related to my model (or any GE for that matter). I located the parts diagram, but to my amateur eye I'm not recognizing the parts that perform the balance function. My dishwasher showed no symptoms of anything gradually going bad, but while I had the thing opened this morning to load last night's dishes, the door just dropped free. Fortunately, since it was already open that was only an inch or two, otherwise it may have suffered a bit of stress damage.

Can anyone let me know if there is a GE kit available (or a good quality aftermarket universal kit)? Also, I would appreciate it if someone could point out or describe the parts (and their numbers) on the diagram I located on the website for the GE Model GSD900D-03 dishwasher.


Simon / APP Team 12-18-2012 08:02 PM


Remove the toe panel (two screws on the top and two on the bottom) and locate two springs attached to two door cables with one of them broken.
Replace both door cables Part number: WD7X14

Part number: WD7X14

Latch the door when replacing.

Post the results.


vltjr 12-20-2012 12:31 PM

Simon - Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this, but I had a car problem that I had to take care of first.

I did remove the toe panel, and to my surprise both cables (one broken), and both springs (one with a blue swath and one with a yellow one), were just lying on the floor unconnected to anything (except the cables to the springs), near the right lower corner of the cabinet (as i'm looking at it). I can't really tell, from the one parts diagram I have, where everything was attached. Also while I know that I want to replace both cables, is there any reason I can't reuse the springs?

Can anybody post a diagram or illustration that would show me exactly where and how everything attaches.


Simon / APP Team 12-20-2012 01:59 PM


On the sides of the front posts locate the roller and a pin above it on the door hinge.
Attach to the one side cable (large loop) onto the pin, slide it behind the roller, put both springs on the cable.
Repeat that on the other side.

Don't replace the springs unless they are broken.


vltjr 12-20-2012 08:56 PM

I think one more question (and its answer) should get me through this repair. When both cables are attached to their respective hinges, and also to the two springs, do the springs just hang there suspended between the cables? There doesn't seem to be anything to mount them to.
Also, since my springs are not identical (one is WD1X1354, and the other is WD1X1413 with different lengths and tension rates), does their mounted positions make any difference (that is, which one is forward and which is aft)?

Thanks again.

Simon / APP Team 12-21-2012 10:07 AM


The springs are held by the cables, and you can put them on in any order.


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