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mburkett 12-04-2012 08:08 AM

drain pump works intermittantly
Hi everyone,
Thanks in advance for any advice. The drain (auxiliary) pump on my ge profile dishwasher is working intermittantly. Frequently when I begin a cycle the dishwasher will fill, agitate, then just pause for a while when it should be draining, then fill again and agitate again. There is no sound (humming, buzzing) that would indicate that the drain pump is trying to work and clogged etc. When I put the dishwasher in service mode to activate the pump it sometimes works and sometimes not. When the pump does come on the water pumps out just fine. And if it drains once at the beginning of a cycle it seems to continue to work the whole cycle just fine. Is there a relay switch or someting that could be bad or is it a pump failure? Thanks,

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