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bkrame 09-26-2009 03:08 PM

GE disgwasher mod gsd4910x66aa leaking

My mother in law has a GE profile D/W model gsd4910x66a that is leaking from the bottom during discharge only. I did take photos of the part that was leaking as I was watching during the cycle to see when the leaking occured so if I can't explain it I can send a photo to anyone who cares to answer. So under the unit, slightly left of center near the front is a mechanism that has a white plastic, slice of pie shaped cam that rotates down and presses a metal post (a valve?) and at that point you can hear the water pumping out. The leak seems to be coming from the area of the pin the cam rotates on. I shut off the power and felt above this area and everything above feels dry. The leak is a fast drip that is slightly less than a squirt of water. As soon as I open the door to stop the D/W the leak stops. I have no idea how old this unit is but other than the leak it's in great shape. Oddly, the leak didn't start until the D/W was re-installed after a kitchen remodel...perhaps the bottom got bumped? Don't know and I can't point fingers at the bro in law that did the remodel :-)

I did do a seaech in the forum for this model # and didn't find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


glen65 09-26-2009 03:52 PM

Heres the motor and pump assem..

The drain hose should be connected to the nipple just above the one
that's capped off. Make sure the hose is connected properly or you will get
a leak.

bkrame 09-26-2009 06:41 PM

Wow, that was a fast reply, thanks! I take it the photo is of the assembly upside down?

Is there a part number for the assembly/kit and do you know the cost?



glen65 09-27-2009 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by bkrame (Post 132593)
Wow, that was a fast reply, thanks! I take it the photo is of the assembly upside down?

Its upside down


Is there a part number for the assembly/kit and do you know the cost?
For some reason they don't show it on this site using the model number.
However the "GE part number" of this assembly WD26X10013.
As far as price is concerned "it varies" just do a search.

Just make sure its actually leaking from the pump itself and
not simply a hose connection before replacing any parts.
BTW they do sell replacement components for the pump
itself but don't screw with it. They are a pain in the a** to
rebuild and they don't always turn out right.

Good Luck

ksroberts 09-27-2009 12:00 PM

I have a similar leaking problem. GE fixed it last year -- the repairman said the pump filter was clogged. The visible filter (for us non-mechanical people) has very large holes and allows the debris to clog the pump filter -- out of my sight and requiring a repairman.

At first, GE refused to fix it, even though I had a 4-year extended warranty. They then offered to pay half the cost. Of course, I forwarded my warranty to the consumer protection gurus and sent a nasty letter. GE sent me a check to pay for the full repair.

With this new leak, I'm afraid I will have to repeat the fight to get GE to honor their warranty. They probably bet that most people don't save their warranty info.

bkrame 10-03-2009 07:27 PM


OK, Weekend #2....

So I took the D/W out from under the counter and put it up on blocks so I could get a good view and ran it. It's for sure not just a hose...darn. Anyway, the leak is clearly from the seal from the shaft for the butterfly valve in the pump tank. And you're right, taking the assembly apart is a real pain. I figured I didn't have anything to lose if I tried taking it apart to see if I could just replace the shaft, seal and valve parts. My fall back was to purchase the entire assembly anyway if I failed or damaged it. I gave up after an hour. Thanks so much for all your help. Your expertise is greatly appreciated and your diagnosis was 100% accurate!


Thanks for the input. I did check for debris when I disassembled the unit and it was pretty clean. No hope of getting GE to pick up the tab. My Mother in Law bought this place 9 years ago and the D/W was there then.


bkrame 10-06-2009 04:05 PM


I received the new pump and motor. If I posted images of the old and new assemblies would you be able to assist me in properly matching up the electrical connections?



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