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matteo 10-06-2012 03:33 AM

kenmore 18 inch built in dishwasher weak motor?
water will drain if I lower the level of the drain hose or remove the spray arm and upper impellor. I can see the small macerator spin (when I open the door quickly) and it drains like a champ. but if I put on the upper impellor it seems like it is too much for the motor--I can hear motor sound but the impellor will not spin and it will not drain (though I can turn it freely with my hand)

I did take apart everything down to the lower drain impellor and removed any stray debris as well as checked patency of drains (no signif debris)

so i am thinking weak motor....or is it possible to have an ok motor where the shaft gets "disconnected" and will not spin if under too much load--I only ask because it seems I can still hear motor sound even when things do not turn

thanks in advance, before I go buy a new motor, thought i should ask folks smarter than me

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