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Harold Braunstein 08-22-2012 06:12 PM

Quiet guard standard Dishwasher
My dishwasher wasn't cleaning the top rack dishes properly, and was leaving everthing pretty wet, even after "heat dry" cycle. The top spray bar wasn't spinning, but the bottom one was, and still is OK. We just bought a new top spray bar from you and installed it, and it still isn't spinning. I made sure the rubber surfaced gasket fits up against the hole in the back wall, so maybe the pressure is too low to spin it? I can see that it is getting and squirting some water, and I can hear the usual noises coming from the washer, but no spin. What should I check next, and where is it located? There is an accumulation of crap on the drain screen, but there are no leaks or failure to drain. So, WTF???
Any ideas?

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