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Rey 07-08-2012 01:06 PM

After 8 years of use, my whirpool dish washer show problem,it wont start,it just show a flickering LED, I did change the electronic command board which is revision 2,it works for 6 month and and the same problem appear again, Appliance parts pro send me another replacement which is revision 3 made in china, as soon as I plug the power it start right away without pushing the start button, and it continue looping the program and will not stop, until i unplug it,
i talk to one of appliance parts rep. they send me another one and the problem is the same it start right away when i plug the power, it rinse for a few minutes then it stop, the LED keeps on flickering for almost 3hrs and it won't complete the cycle until i unplug it, the dish washer is flooding , but when i plug the power it drain the water, and it won't start when button was push LED just keeps on flickering.I was thinking may be the membrain swicth i did check it but there is no problem on it. Whirpool does not have the original processor,all they have was cheap processor loaded in the board made from china which was shared by different brand like maytag, sear,etc.There is no problem with the unit except the processor was change. the processor is not compatible with the unit, most of the program when push start does nothing.
Any suggestion,any one?

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