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must9450 09-11-2009 02:27 PM

GE Dishwasher leaking
When GE profile dishwasher is running it's leaking from bottom..Upon inspection it appears to be leaking from the front on the pump housing where the motor shaft goes in. I'm not positive about the leak location, the water is coming off the bottom mount screw for the motor. Is this an easy fix? I havn't pulled the dishwasher out of the cabinet,yet. I'm just trying to help elderly parents out. THANK-You for all of your help. Steve:confused:

maintainitcos 09-12-2009 12:05 AM

It sounds like its leaking out of the shaft seal, thats fairly common on those units, AP631386 is the part you will need to get . It is a service kit that includes the impeller and seals.

You will need to pull the unit out from under the cabinet, and carefully flip it on its back to service it properly.

denman 09-12-2009 08:22 AM

Try using a small mirror and a flashlight to locate the exact location of the leak.

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