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ahoff1 05-31-2012 02:04 PM

Dishwasher stuck on cycle
For some time my dishwasher has been making a groaning sound but it always went through all of it's cycles. Recently it will run until it gets to 42 on the timer and stop. The first time I noticed this I opened the door and the heating element was glowing red. So far I have found that if I add water during the cycle the groaning stops and it sounds normal. I checked the float and it isn't stuck. I took the fill valve out and apart and cleaned the little screen. It is clear that not enough water is getting to the tub. Even after I added water it would not advance cycles. I even added boiling water to make sure it was hot enough. My heating element seems to be working because it will cause a quick blister if you touch it. I would really like to narrow the problem down before I start throwing parts at it.

denman 06-01-2012 03:02 AM

Here are your parts.
Replacement parts for Whirlpool GU1500XTLS2 UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER |

Sounds like you have narrowed it down to a fill problem.
Since you are getting some water and have cleaned the fill valve filter screen, I would replace the fill valve.

I am assuming that you are sure that the plumbing for the hot water to the unit is OK and there is sufficient flow.

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