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[FONT=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I have recently purchased from you the control board and selector switch board for my Frigidaire dishwasher model FDB1980RGQ0

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Default Frigidaire Dishwasher not working
Model Number: FDB1980RGQ0   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: Less than 1 year   

Appliance Parts from AppliancePartPros.com

[FONT=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I have recently purchased from you the control board and selector switch board for my Frigidaire dishwasher model FDB1980RGQ0 and serial # TH74116903, but it still does not work. I am getting very frustrated. [/font]

[FONT=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Let me start at the beginning. One day it just stopped working. I pulled it out and turned it on its side and I noticed a burnt electrical connector. It was connected to a thermostat, there are two, this one is on the left if you are looking at the machine upright from the front. It seemed to be an obvious problem but I replaced the thermostat and redid the wire and the machine still did not work. After reading several of the question and answers on your site, I decided to replace the control board. It still did not work. I then decided to replace the selector switches because I read on your site that they are often replaced together. It still does not work.[/font]

[FONT=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif]It does however give me what must be an error code. The Drying, Clean and Sanitized LEDs flash in unison. If I shut the door the upper rack light also flashes. If I push the Start/Cancel button then the Lock LED flashes along with them, but only as I am holding the start/cancel button down.[/font]

[FONT=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I tried to do the self test according to the directions found inside of the front door, but it does not seem to do anything. When I push the buttons I can hear something on the control board click but the machine does nothing. I thought that maybe the machine was just not filling with water and that maybe if I put water in it it would start, but nothing happened. I filled it until water was about to come out the door.[/font]

[FONT=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif]

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Check the door switches. Make sure they are properly engaged when the door is locked. If there is something wrong, replace the door lock assembly.

- The door lock assembly Part number: AP3778099

Part number: AP3778099

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Replacement parts for Frigidaire FDB1980RGQ0 DISHWASHER | AppliancePartsPros.com

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Order Appliance Parts with 365-Day Hassle Free Return Policy - AppliancePartsPros.com
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