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kilroy 01-18-2012 02:21 PM

bosch dishwasher drain motor runs with door open
My bosch shu9956 dishwasher drain motor runs as soon as it is turned on (even before the door is closed). I tried to run a test cycle, but that didn't work. I checked the floats and they are not activated, although there is a small amount of water in the bottom pan. The dishwasher was level when all this started. I don't know what to check next... any suggestions?

jawshoeaw 01-20-2012 01:10 PM

similar problem
I had the same but my drain pump was not draining. Based on a tip from another poster, I opened the little cover over the pump impeller (just pull out filter and screen and unscrew one little torx head screw) and gave it a whirl. Suddenly everything worked again! Very strange how spinning the impeller allowed it to work again but not only did it drain but the motor stopped running with the door open.

Regardless, the pump was now very loud, although it seemed to be working. However, we noticed that the dishes were not getting very clean. Since it was still under warranty I had repairman come out and he replaced the pump. Washer is once again very quiet, haven't ran dirty dishes through it to test cleaning ability.

I took apart the suspect pump and noticed foul smelling debris and water inside the plastic housing where the magnet of the pump spins. Don't know if this is normal or not - maybe the buzzing was just the motor out of balance or vibration from debris? O-Rings appeared OK but not sure what they are supposed to look like. I cleaned it out and will keep it just in case.

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