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tassajaraguy 06-24-2009 09:02 AM

Upper and Lower Spray Arms Intermittent
Sometimes the spray arms rotate and lots of water gets sprayed and dishes get clean, other times very little water is being pumped, not enough to rotate arms. If I start machine, I can hear them rotate sometimes. If I open door, I can observe they rotated. If I close door, sometimes they continue to rotate and lots of water is spraying. Or....they will not rotate, and barely any water sprays. If I open door, close and start, sometimes they will resume correct operation. No apparent rhyme or reason, just hit or miss.

I've noticed that when the arms don't rotate properly and the amount of water coming out is low, there is a "buzzing" sound coming from the machine. Opening the door, closing and restarting, will sometimes make it work again and I notice the buzzing sound is gone. So problem is intermittent.

Observations above all done with NO dishes in the machine, arms rotate freely, no obstacles or jamb-ups with stuff.

In all other respects the machine seems to work and cycle properly, water drains as it should, heating works, drying works. Sometimes dishes come out clean, sometimes they don't.

I've already checked the spray arms, not clogged. Already checked the screen on the top of the sump, not clogged. Have not taken anything else apart yet. Not sure where to go from here - any suggestions? Buzzing sound with low pressure and not rotating arms has to mean something.

Also, if further inspection requires removing pump, etc. is this done from inside the tub, or do I need to roll out the machine and work from underneath?

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