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Gordon B. 06-19-2009 10:02 AM

Efficient Dishwashers Might Not Activate SOME Tankless Water Heater?
My understanding is that techs and volunteers man this site. Thank you for this service!

I'm trying to prevent a repair issue. Later I'll buy a highly energy efficient dishwasher. Now I'm purchasing a tankless water heater to replace the tank that just sprung an irreparable leak. I've read reports that some tankless water heaters do not heat the water going to certain dishwashers. This reportedly occurs when the flow rate required by the water-efficient dishwasher as it is asking the tankless heater for hot water is lower than the flow rate that activates the tankless water heater.

So, I must purchase a tankless water heater with a low enough flow rate activation to turn on and heat water when the highly energy efficient dishwasher asks for pre-heated water. I'm assuming energy efficient also means these machines will have the lowest hot water flow rates. But I can't locate minimum hot water flow rates on the web, in product literature, etc. I could divide the gallons used/cycle by the time of the cycle but if the spray does not last as long as the cycle, or the cycle re-cycles water, this calculation will be wrong.

Does any one know the lowest hot water flow rate in gallons/min (or other measures and I'll convert it) demanded by any of the following very efficient dishwashers or similarly efficient dishwashers (I'm not looking for numbers for all of them, just one or two should give me a good ballpark figure)???

Bosch with an Energy Factor of 1.19... SHE68E05UC, SHE68E15UC, SHV68E13UC, SHX68E05UC, and SHX68E15UC.

Bosch with an Energy Factor of 1.14... SHE98M05UC, SHV98M03UC, SHX98M0#UC, and SHX98M05UC.

Gaggenau with an Energy Factor of 1.19... DF260760 or the DF261760.

Thank you very much!


Drags1998 06-19-2009 01:38 PM

Hi Gordon, I'll TRY to shed some light on this subject. I have, in My home, a Fisher-Pakel DD 605 dishwasher which uses VERY LITTLE water to do a load. I also have a TOYO instant water heater. The ONLY thing that I do is run the water in the sink until its hot, Then start the Dishwasher!!! I'm not sure how:) other water heaters(instant type) work, But the TOYO holds,and keeps about 3 gal. hot all of the time. I also have customers with the TOYO water heaters and they don't seem to have any problems.

plethodontid 06-01-2010 11:44 PM

I have a similar issue with my gas fired tankless water heater NR98 (N-0751M)Series Residential Tankless Water Heater (NORITZ brand). My dishwasher is a brand new, but a bottom of the shelf model Frigidaire. I'm told that because the dishwasher must take time to heat incoming water to 140 degrees (and because the tankless water heater is not kicking on during washing cycles), that the dishwasher is now takes 3 or 4+ hours. Most of the time I just shut it off out of frustration. I'm confused about what solution, if any, is available. Is their a dishwasher make and model that will work properly with my water heater? Is there some other fix?

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