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Our dishwasher has problems leaving deposits on cups. Most of the time for some reason, it's ceramic coffee cups. Plastic

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Default Diswasher leaving deposits
Model Number: 66516022403   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Our dishwasher has problems leaving deposits on cups. Most of the time for some reason, it's ceramic coffee cups. Plastic cups seem to make it through the wash clean most of the time. We also notice that when we fill a cup with water that came from the dishwasher, it tends to be a bit soapy. Rinsing it once or twice usually does the trick, though.

As for washing, I use the Kirkland (Costco brand) dishwasher gel (it had good reviews in Consumer Reports a while ago), fill both trays to the top, and I don't use the Jet Dry rinsing agent anymore. I noticed a while ago when I was using it that it left a nasty taste on glasses. When I stopped using it and when the reservoir that holds it went dry, the taste went away. So no more of that. I also use the Pot scrubber mode with air dry.

Is there a float somewhere that might be sticking or is there something that might be clogged that I can take apart and rinse out? I realize the new detergents don't have phosphates anymore, but the dishwasher should at least rinse all the soap off. We're to the point of thinking about replacing it. It was one of the high rated dishwashers in Consumer Reports, too.

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