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rgletter 12-12-2007 10:25 AM

Kenmore Dishwasher No Lights
The problem started out with the Option lights on and the Cycle lights off - not coming on. I could get a full Normal cycle only to work after playing with the buttons for 10 minutes (not the test mode). This bad trick lasted for two weeks. The other day a Normal cycle was running and at its end, when the dishes were drying, the machine turned off. I mean lights out.

I checked the breaker box and turned it off for 30 minutes before turning it on again. Tried this several times. Still did not work. Took bottom panel off and checked for bruned wiring - looks fine. Metered the wiring - still fine.

Since the problem started off different, I wonder if two things are not working - one item that was on its way out and the other - maybe a fuse? When I look at the front top panel of the Kenmore, I see two wires on the right side. One wire was all black (on the right) and the other black and white (on the right). I can't see where these wires lead to but is this a fuse and possibly needs replacing? Not sure where these wires lead to back down the panel. There are a few other wires or maybe fuses connected to this panel. Could you tell me what all these wires are and if any should be replaced? If they need to be replaced - what should I get and how to replace. HELP - my wife plans to beat me if I don't fix this.:eek:

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