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boru33 08-22-2011 08:44 PM

GE GLD6500L00BB won't drain completely
My GE Model GLD6500L00BB won't drain completely. I can hear the pump run during drain cycles, and can hear waste water flowing to the drain pipe under the sink, but it sounds like a weak stream. At the end of the complete cleaning cycle there is water standing in the bottom past the heating element out near the door, the waste water is not clean, it has food particles floating in it. I understand it is normal for a small amount of water to remain around the hub to keep seals wet, but I have a lot of water. The drain hose coming out the side of the dishwasher connects directly to the sink drain black PVC (not through the disposal) and is clear of any blockage. So, I want to check for and clear any blockage that might be on the inside. I can remove the lower spray arm by simply moving it back and forth and it comes off and on easily. However, I dont see how to get anything else apart to get to the pump impeller or drain outlet. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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