Whirlpool Quiet Partner ii clean light flashing - have reset, still flashing


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Originally Posted by DPForumDog Hello, My 9 yr Kitchen Aid DW has been stopping in mid cycle with the clean

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Originally Posted by DPForumDog View Post
My 9 yr Kitchen Aid DW has been stopping in mid cycle with the clean light blinking. For a while this only happened 2x a year, and resetting the control panel by this process ((close the soap dispenser door, close the dishwasher door, and toggle between hitting high temp scrub and energy save dry several times until all the leds light up, press cancel) this would allow a good restart and the DW would run fine for a while. But now toggling between the two buttons and restarting only works about 1 in 10 times. I have been accommodating this by washing, toggle/cancel/restarting wash with no soap to rinse the soap , but I have no dry.

I have placed a right side cup on the top shelf and it will fill up in just a few minutes so I have plenty of water.

The water is coming from the hot water heater. It seems a little colder than the tap but I think that is because it looses a little heat sloshing around in the DW. We did turn up the hot water heater but to me the dw water doesn't seem quite as hot as the tap.

I am about to try this...... "Youíd need to uninstall your dishwasher, disconnect power and lay it on itís back to check the resistance of the heater as well as the resistance of the high limit thermostat to confirm if they were bad or good. You should get tangible reading of between 5 and 30 ohms on the heater if itís good and less than one ohm on the high limit thermostat. If both of those devices check good, then replace the control board because thatís the one device you cannot test"

And I am going to try this ..... " There are 2 switches that close 2 circuits when you close the door. The one on the right side is not staying closed, thus the heating circuit is shutting down. An easy test is to trade the 2 wires on each switch to the other side. This should eliminate the clean light blinking and cause the dishwasher to just turn off. The newer designs have eliminated this double switch design"

Which should I try first? Or do you have any other ideas?
Granny DP
DPForumDog, Your first check should be to make sure the water temperature in the bottom of the tub is at least 120 dgrs.F. on the first fill of the cycle. You're correct, there is cold water left in the water supply line to the dishwasher, and once the dishwasher has filled and the water starts to circulate, the remaining water in the tub will loose temperature due to the circulation process.

What you may want to do is : run the hot water faucet at the kitchen sink until the water is hot (120 to 130 dgrs.) then start the dishwasher. Of course you want to reset the control board first, once the tub is full and starts to circulates then check the water temperature, again. If the water temperature is in range, and the cycle runs completely, and the clean LED doesn't flash or blink. you'll be fine. If the water temperature is in range, and the clean LED blinks, then it's time to check the heater resistance and hi limit thermostat.
You can usually find the wiring diagram and tech data sheet attached to the back of the kickplate assembly or attached to the frame work near the fill valve. You can check the heater resistance, and hi limit thermostat at the control board connectors, instead of removing the dishwasher from the cabinet. Just make sure you remove power to the dishwasher before you do anything.

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