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I have GE dishwasher (info included below) : Model : GLD5960N00SS Serial #: FM786287B Circulation pump is not coming on.

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Old 06-15-2011, 06:36 PM
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Default GE - circulation motor won't come on
Model Number: GLD5960N00SS   Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have GE dishwasher (info included below) :
Model : GLD5960N00SS
Serial #: FM786287B

Circulation pump is not coming on. I opened the kick plate at the
bottom of dishwasher and checked on circulation pump's resistance. It
seems to be acceptable i.e. <20 ohms. I disconnected the power leads
to the motor and I can see that control boards is sending 120VAC
during wash cycle and there is water in the tub.
Circulation motor's fangs (probably it's called motor fan) are hard to move from bottom of dishwasher but I am able to move them with screwdriver. How can I make sure nothing is obstructing motor's motion (before making a conculsion that motor is bad) ? I can hear humming sound from motor during wash cycle but no movement.

I want to make sure it's not some silly obstrction before deciding
to replace whol circulation motor assembly.

Does anyone know how to remove coarse filter at the bottom the disk
tub. I am trying to figure what is the issue and which part I need to

I would appreciate if anyone has insight to this issue.


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Old 06-20-2011, 08:14 PM
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Just an update.

I have diagnosed problem to circulation motor gone bad. Now I am in the process of replacing the motor.

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Old 07-02-2011, 02:49 PM
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Talking Fixed my dishwasher problem

My dishwasher is working great right now. I wanted to go ahead and post my experience, which I believe should benefit other people having similar issue with their dishwasher.

Issue : Dishwasher circulation pump is not running i.e. you can hear normal dishwasher wash cycle washing sound.

Observation :
* When dishwasher is switched on, you can hear water being pumped into dishwasher but then nothing happens after that i.e. no washing is going on.

Steps I followed :
* Looking inside dishwasher for obstruction ... couldn't find any
* Searched on the internet/youtube and found some people have mentioned that it could be due to jammed circulation motor and just need turning of circulation motor's fan (accessible under the dishwasher once you remove toe-kick plate at the bottom...usually head by 2 screws)
* At the bottom of dishwasher, I was able to see circulation motor and move it with the help of a screw driver.
* Circulation motor still wouldn't come on.
* I removed wire (usually a pull type clip) and was able to measure 120V during wash cycle. This confirmed that control board of the dishwasher was working perfectly.
* Measure resistance at circulation motor's terminal, it was ~20ohms. GE QuitePower-III model#GLD5960N00SS circulation motor resistance (as specified in it's technical document) is 10ohms.
* Above steps concluded circulation motor had gone bad.
* Replacement part is WD26X10033
* I searched on the internet and was able to order the part from a reputable part supplier (who also price matched to a competitive internet part supplier). Lesson learned do not forget to search around for the part over internet. It saved me money, total cost including s&h was <$100.
* I measured resistance of new part WD26X10033 at it's circulation motor's terminal and it's value is 11.5 ohms.
* Just to test, I also connected 120V to it's terminal and it was working (as you would expect).
* Now I was ready to install my new part.

Installation of new circulation pump :
* Disconnect supply and switch off water tap under the sink.
* Pull out dishwasher from it's installation. Usually it's held in it's place by 2 screws to the counter.
* In my case I just needed to disconnect drain line. Water supple line had enough slack.
* BTW I found dishwasher to be surprisingly light weight
* After pulling dishwasher from it's installation, I turned dishwasher on it's side to get better access to bottom.
* Pulled wires going into circulation motor assembly.
* Circulation pump assembly had one supporting metal help in place by a screw to motor assembly. Unscrew and keep it aside.
* Now I just had to loosen 2 metal clips (one towards dishwasher arms and other one towards drain motor)
* After that circulation motor assembly can be easily pulled out
* Put new circulation motor assembly. Tighten 2 metal clips and supporting screw. Connected wire to the motor.
* Turned dishwasher to upright position and redid all the steps (that I did during un-install) in reverse order to finish installation
* Switched on dishwasher and it working

Have a great day!
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Old 07-02-2011, 03:01 PM
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Default Technical document location

FYI ... I found technical sheet of my dishwasher under the dishwasher. It was only visible once I turned dishwasher on it's back. It contains wiring diagram and other useful information.
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