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tsmith35 03-16-2011 09:17 PM

Whirlpool DW runs a while then quits
My Whirlpool DU915PWKT0 dishwasher won't stay running. It's coming up on 7 years old, but has been trouble-free until very recently. Last week, the wash cycle completed, but the tub hadn't drained. I left it overnight, checked to see if the drain hose was clogged, and turned the timer to just past "rinse only". The dishwasher immediately started draining and removed all the water quickly.

Thinking this was just a fluke, I restarted the wash cycle. The tub filled, and then nothing. No humming, whirring, or anything. Dead silence except for the timer clicking its way through the cycle.

Left it overnight again, turned it to wash, heard the tub fill for a few seconds, then the dishwasher started running normally and I could hear the arms spraying normally. A few minutes later, the pump stopped running. I slowly turned the timer to different positions, but the pump never attempted to restart. I turned the timer to "off", waited an hour, and turned the timer to wash. The pump immediately started running and I could hear the arms spraying normally, but the pump again stopped after a few minutes.

It seems like the pump motor is overheating or the dishwasher "thinks" it is overheating, but I don't know enough about dishwashers to do anything about it. I can't even find a service manual for it. Has anyone heard of a dishwasher problem like this?

tsmith35 03-17-2011 12:01 PM

I tried again last night, this time making sure that hi-temp wash was turned OFF and air dry was turned ON. I tried with a few different wash settings (light, normal and heavy). Same thing each time: it will fill and run the pump motor (and the arms spray like normal) or drain (if I move the dial to a drain position), but only for a few minutes. After it kicks out, it doesn't run the pump anymore until I let it sit for a while.

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