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haneysuejohn 03-13-2011 04:14 PM

GE Dishwasher leak
Have a GE Profile Smart Dispense Dishwasher and water leaks all over the floor. Seems to be coming from the bottom left corner. Would replacing the door gasket take care of this?

Mas423 04-01-2011 12:33 PM

What model do you have? I have a ZBD6880Ko3ss.

Mine just started leaking from the lower left corner of the door right as the cycle starts and the bottom tray is full. Not sure if the drain pump or water cycle flow is not working effeciently and too much water is building up in the tray, or if the seal is weak, or if water if flowing from the top vent exhaust back down the left vent housing.

You need to take the door skin off to see the vent exhaust. I am researching and prepairing to test with skin off so I can see if too much water is flowing down this vent exhaust tube. It empties right in the left corner of the pan by the door where the water is pooring out. There is a flap in the exhaust vent path that I believe is supposed to close when water is flowing out the wash spindel thing on top. This closed flap would prevent water from gushing down through this air exahust tube. The exhaust tube drains outside the sealed door area, so any water gushing down this tube can only come out of the pan on to the floor. The motor that drives the flap is a stepper motor type that turns left one half spin or rigth one half spin to flip the flap up to open or down to close. If that motor does not turn and water gushs, and if I turn the motor gear by hand and stop the water gush, then there is something wrong with the motor or output of the controller.

You need to study the door diagram from this site to see it on paper.

Or it could be a seal issue, and/or water flow like I indicated above.

I'll be back after I test, talk to my appliance reapir store, and fix it.

Sure would be helpful if an appliance expert could tell us what the most common problem is for this issue, as the seals look good. I can tell you that I just recently started using the anti-bacterial and added heat options when this problem occurred.

Crist Clapper 08-19-2012 06:44 PM

Any thoughts on the vent being the cause? Or any other thoughts?

Crist Clapper 11-17-2012 03:15 PM

Well it’s been three months… And three replacement dishwashers later… And I still don’t have a defective-freeunit! Unbelievable… But true.

Same model unit number two: No drips, no exteriormoisture. And wait for it… Wet dishes! Open up the door and the all the walls of the tub are dripping withwater. Backing up a bit… The unit wasdelivered with the top-right corner was dented… I never saw the box, but I suspectone of the corners was crushed. Thenafter sometime… During the drain-cycle a sound started to emit. Which then escalated to symphony of whinesand moans! Multiple service calls… Noresolution.

Same model unit number three: Same a unit number two… Wet dishesagain! Although no evening serenading ofwhines and moans this time. Multipleservice calls… No resolution.

If you ask what the service technician would find… I have noidea. Lost interest.

What’s up with this no-drying thing… Anyone with similarproblems?

Last email I received from GE is chat about a buy-back.

Stay tuned!

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