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Drummy 10-02-2008 09:56 PM

Kenmore dishwasher with burnt junction box
Hey all.. need some help!

Our kenmore dishwasher died all of a sudden in the last few days. When I got into it, I found that the junction box was burnt pretty bad.

So I set to the task of cutting out the burnt and the ugly, and rewired it. I wired the black to the black and the white to the white black wires (from the power to the dishwasher).

It still doesn't work... is there other things I should be looking at? Did I wire it right?

Thanks a ton in advance!


Gene 10-03-2008 04:57 PM


There are probably a thermal fuse next to the control board. For more accurate advise we need the complete model number of the dishwasher. The model number you posted has a few digits missing.


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