Whats that smell in my front load washer?

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If you have an unpleasant smell coming from your front load washer, don’t fear, Affresh is near.

The big draw for consumers to use front load washers is they are “eco-friendly”.  Front load washers use much less water than the top load washers; the problem with this is that the front loaders begin to accumulate dirt and detergent residue.

There are a few problems that the residue causes:

  •     Odor
  •     Staining on washer interior which could transfer to clothes
  •     With closed door bacteria grows faster on leftover residue

Affresh cleaner is proven to penetrate, dissolve, and remove the odor causing residue from your front load washer.  All it takes to keep the odor and residue away is to add a tablet to your washer and run a normal wash cycle once a month.

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