Duet “Bellow” Gasket

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BellowHas your Duet Washer gasket torn or ripped? If so, the following are the steps needed to replace the Whirlpool Duet gasket…

You must first remove the washer front panel. In order to do this the door switch needs to be removed and the gasket (bellow) needs to be completely separated from the front panel opening.

Next step is to remove the console.

Once the console is removed, remove the 3 screws at the bottom of the toe panel. Remove the panel by lifting it up and pulling it away.

Duet Cabinet Breakdown

You should now be left with only the front panel on the washer. Remove the screws at the bottom of the panel on each side of the washer and the screws at the top of the panel on each side (total of 4 screws). Remove the front panel.

At this time the gasket (bellow) can be taken off the outer rim of the tub. Carefully pull the gasket (bellow) from around the water inlet and window washer tubes. Remove the gasket retainer clamp by loosening the clamp screw located in the upper right of the tub opening. The gasket can now be taken completely off.

Now that it is off, you can install the new gasket. Take special care in this process to assure that you get a good seal.

  • Pull the nozzle from the window washer tube
  • Separate the plastic gasket ring from the nozzle
  • Insert the nozzle through the hole in the gasket (bellow)
  • Slide the plastic gasket ring down the shaft of the nozzle so that the gasket (bellow) is securely trapped between the gasket ring and the nozzle ridge
  • Insert the nozzle shaft into the window washer inlet tube
  • Insert the end of the water tube into the boot
  • Fit the gasket (bellow) around the front lip of the tub so it rests smoothly and evenly
  • Fit the gasket clamp around the front lip of the tub and tighten the screw (don’t over tighten as damage may occur)

When reinstalling the switch, be sure to insert the two tabs on the right side of the switch assembly into the slots in the plastic wiring harness guide. If you don’t do this, you will have unwanted noise during machine operation.

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  1. Darren Welker on June 28th, 2008 9:50 am

    Are any other parts needed , besided the Bellow Seal, when repaceing this part? Clips, etc?

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