Changing a Washer Coupling

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There is a design on some Whirlpool/Kitchen-Aid/Kenmore washing machines called Direct Drive. This machine is a forward/reversing style of washer. The motor drives one direction to wash, stops, reverses and goes the other direction to spin and pump. The timer is responsible for cycling the motor back and forth.

As the “direct drive” name indicates, there is no belt on this machine. It has a coupler between the motor and the gear box. Most direct drive washers are a neutral drain washer, which means the timer allows the washer to pump out the water and then the timer pauses the washer so the neutral drive in the transmission can reset for spinning, and when the timer allows the washer to start back up again, the pumping will continue and spinning will occur.

The key to know when the coupler may be broken is the motor will run but the washer will not agitate or spin.

Washer Coupling

The following are the steps needed to replace the coupler…

1. Remove the two screws in the console and flip the console up on its hinges

2. Remove the two brass clips in each corner

3. Disconnect the lid switch wire harness

4. Open the lid and tilt the cabinet toward you while lifting at the same time (place cabinet out of the way)

5. Release the two clamps holding the pump on (leave hoses attached; move pump asisde)

6. Remove motor wire harness

7. Remove the two motor mounts

8. Lower motor to reveal the coupler


For more help in diagnosing or changing your coupler, please visit the Repair Forum.


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  1. Patricia Mayhugh on July 9th, 2008 8:02 pm

    My washer is a whirlpool brand and its about 10 yrs. old. The problem is in the final cycle, the water is not spun out of the clothes, even after spinning twice, still wet. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Patricia Mayhugh

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