Duet “Bellow” Gasket

BellowHas your Duet Washer gasket torn or ripped? If so, the following are the steps needed to replace the Whirlpool Duet gasket…

You must first remove the washer front panel. In order to do this the door switch needs to be removed and the gasket (bellow) needs to be completely separated from the front panel opening.

Next step is to remove the console.

Once the console is removed, remove Read more

Gas dryer not heating properly?

Clothes Drying


Gas dryers use a burner to create heat. This burner has a number of parts that are known to fail over time. You can test some of these parts, but some must be simply replaced based on certain symptoms.

The parts prone to failure in your burner assembly are:

Read more

Got Ice?

IceSummer is near and it is supposed to be one of the hottest summers we’ve had in a while.

Does your refrigerator have an icemaker?  Is your icemaker not working like it used to?

Now is the time to take care of it.  Did you know most refrigerators Read more

Refrigerator Door Shelf…To Glue or Not to Glue…

Whirlpool EndcapIn regards to your refrigerator shelf brackets and door shelves, the answer should probably be Not to Glue.

I have been scouring blogs and forums on this subject and I’m amazed at the number of people trying to glue these pieces back together. Unless your refrigerator door shelves or brackets are no longer made, you Read more

Washer not draining?

Full WasherIf you are having problems with your washing machine draining, there are a few things that it could be…

First issue may be the power. Check to make sure you have power to the washing machine by plugging something else in the socket.

Second issue may be the lid switch. Lid switches are there for safety. If the lid is open the washer will not enter the spin/drain cycle…this prevents people from being able to stick their hand down into the washer and hurt themselves. So if the lid switch is bad, the washer will think the lid is open.

Third issue could be the Read more

Whirlpool Redesigned Upper Dishrack

If you have received Whirlpool part number 3369903, this dishwasher dishrack has been redesigned and needs some assembly.  This can be done easily using the instruction sheets at Service Matters.

For help with this repair and other appliance repairs visit our Repair Forum.

Problems with your Whirlpool Agitator?

There are a couple of issues that go on with many of the Whirlpool brand direct drive models, which include KitchenAid, Kenmore, and Inglis.  These issues include a clicking noise coming from the agitator and the agitator not having full movement during the wash cycle. 

There are cogs called “dogs” and a cam between the two halves of the agitator which can wear leading to the issues described above.  Once this happens, your washer will not clean as well as it is supposed to.   In most cases these worn parts can be replaced without much cost Read more

Refrigerator Water Filter

WaterHas it been more than 6 months since you last changed your water filter?  If so, you may not be drinking clean water.  Manufacturers recommend replacing water filters every 6 months at minimum. 

Are you unsure if you have a water filter?  There are a few ways to check:

 1.  If you have an icemaker

2.  If you have ice and/or water through the door, or Read more

Help your Refrigerator Live longer

Did you know you you can help your refrigerator live a longer life? This can be done simply with a “brush“. This brush is called a condenser cleaning brush.

This brush removes… Read more

Whats that smell in my front load washer?

If you have an unpleasant smell coming from your front load washer, don’t fear, Affresh is near.

The big draw for consumers to use front load washers is they are “eco-friendly”.  Front load washers use much less water than the top load washers; the problem with this is that the front loaders begin to accumulate dirt and detergent residue.

There are a few problems that the residue causes: Read more

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