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Originally Posted by geno630 View Post
thanks i will order today. can you tell me a quick way to get to the burner to replace the coils
Yes!! The first thing you do is unplug the dryer. Then, take the filter out, and you will see 2 phillips head screws. Remove them. Then we now need to pop the top up. You can do it two way's. You can slide, a putty knife under the top, on the right side about three inches from the end, and you will hit a clip, that will release the top on that side. Do the same on the other side, and push the top up and back and rest it on the back wall. If that becomes a pain, then slip a straight head screw driver in the same spot, and pop up the top on that side and do the same on the other side. Anyway, we have the top up, and now we need to take the front off. If you look inside the front, there will be a 5/16s screw on the right side about 6 inches from the top, take it out and the one on the other side too. Now lean the front top towards you and unhook the wiring harness that attaches to the door switch. Slide your screw driver end inside the harness, and pop out the other end. Then we need to release the bottom of the front from the cabinet. Again lean the top of the front towards you and grab on the left side of the front, and pull up hard and quick, and it will release, and do the same on the other side, and set the front aside. Now, on the gas valve sits the coils. unplug the wiring to each coil. Take the 2 phillip head screws out that hold the bracket that covers the top of the coils, and remove the bracket, and slip one coil off, and put the new one on with the terminals in the same position as the old one, and then do the other one. put the bracket back on, and it will fit flush, when the coils are in the exact position the old one were in. The bracket will not fit if the coils are not in the proper position. Put the wiring back on, and then grab the front, and what you have to do is with one hand, push the drum back flush, and with the other hand grab the front, and sit the bottom of the slit on the front on the clip on the cabinet, and do the same, on the other side, and the push the top of the front to the cabinet and put in the 2 screws, and plug in the door switch, and push the top down and snap it in place, and then put the 2 screws where the filter is, and put the filter back in, and you have it. If you have a friend to hold the drum back flush while you use 2 hands to put the front on that would be easier. Let me know how it goes. Tom ********************************************
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