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Originally Posted by ngoc101 View Post
Hello ,
I back, I just checktest piont between N and L they are 120 v and short piont T H to run the moter , yes , I Leave the jumper in for a half of a revolution and remove and the moter still run for half more revolution then stop but water still not come out . What next I do ? How we know inlet vale work or not ,show me how to test .
Thanks for help
Did you find a resolution? This is my experience as well.

I defrosted the unit and it seemed the tray would then fill with water, but, wouldn't eject ice into the bin (no sounds, either).

Test points show 120V, but, shorting T H doesn't result in any movement from the motor (should I hear any sort of sound?).

What do you suppose has failed; or is the tray frozen in some way that it can't eject ice? I've put some warm water on the ice tray to no effect.


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