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Brobriffin, there appears to be something wrong with the website here. I had waited for a reply and after several days of not getting one I decided to order the Thermal Cut-off Kit and must have got lucky because the heat is back on again. I see now that you had replied the same day which is strange that I didn’t see it. However, after turning it on for just a short period of less than a minute, I began to smell the burning smell again so I shut it off. I’m guessing whatever is causing the burning smell caused the Thermal Cut-off to do it’s job and turn off.

Any suggestions on where to go from here? Someone had mentioned that we could reverse the direction of our shop vac and try to blow out the exhaust area in reverse. Or do you think it’s something wrong with the heating elements causing the problem?

Now when I tried to reply on the quick reply to your last post, I start typing and the page seems to reload erasing all that I wrote. I even tried on my i-phone and it was doing the same thing which is why I feel it’s the website. To get by this, I typed my reply and copied it so I would just have to paste it into the reply area and hit post. Hopefully, this will work.
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