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Originally Posted by mbaumser View Post
I have a GE Profile oven model JGB928BEK3. The panel is blank. Nothing is displayed and it makes no sounds.

The stove burners light. The oven light comes on and the lower (electric) oven works.

I assumed it was the control panel so I purchased a new one. Swapped it in for the old one. Plugged it in and.....nothing. No change. So, either I got sent a bad board (possible but doubtful) or there is something else wrong and the old board is perfectly fine.

any thoughts??

I double checked my connections. After I plugged it back in now the entire display lights up like a christmas tree. I press the start/cancel, it beeps and then the clock shows 12:00. but none of the other buttons do anything.

Is it maybe the keypanel that is bad? Is that replaceable?

anyone have any ideas??

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