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If it has ice cubes in it and is not harvesting them there's a quick test you can do if you pop that white front cover off of the IM. Behind that should be a brown assembly with a big white gear in the middle. At the lower right side will be two holes labeled T and H.
You will need a short length of insulated wire, preferably solid core but stranded will work as well. Strip off about three quarters of an inch on both ends. This wire will be carrying line voltage so definitely use insulated wire. insert into the holes labeled T and H. This bypasses the thermostat that tells it when to harvest ice.
If the motor begins to turn let it run until you hear a distinct click then pull that wire out. You may need to wiggle the wire around until you make contact but once you do It should proceed at that point to harvest whatever cubes are in there. And then the rake will come around back to home and it will refill for the next load.

Try that and see if it does successfully harvest and refill. If so you need a new ice maker or at least the module.

The caveat to that is that the ice mold needs to be below 15 degrees for that thermostat to tell the ice maker to harvest.
You may not notice the difference between 10 degrees and 20 degrees on most of your frozen items but if ice cream is soft you are probably not cold enough for the ice maker. If that is the case look at the back wall of the freezer and see if it is covered in a thick layer of frost or if there is an ice sheet on the bottom of the freezer.
I would actually do that first before I tried to test the ice maker since that takes only a few seconds to look at.
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