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Hey Drew,

The intermittent heating may be an overstatement. It just heated once after it stopped heating, ironically when I was double checking connections and meter readings...

Anyways. I replaced bother the main timer and the fabric care heat selector switch. Still no heat.

I double checked for loose connections and evidence of arcing. No such luck of finding anything.

Where do we go next? Ive heard there is a speed switch within the motor or attached to the motor that may activate the elements, whats your thoughts.

I did run the dryer without the drum to attempt to see if the speed switch (if one exists) would let the heating elements come on. Figured if it was having an issue getting up to speed the removal of the drag of the drum may let it work. No Luck

I know its hard to diagnose over the internet but trying pretty hard, also dont want to just replace part by part if I dont have too.....

What do we crack the whip at next?

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