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Cut the icemaker off for 30 seconds or more and turn it back on. Then push in on the feeler arm (white arm that moves in and out) three times within 15 seconds of cutting it on. If done correctly the icemaker should go through a cycle and run water in. If it goes through the cycle and doesn’t run water replace the water valve. Look in the tube where water enters the icemaker to see if it is stopped up with ice. If it is you will have to remove all the ice then replace the valve.

If when you push the feeler arm in three times it doesn’t seem to spring back on its own the spring may be broken or out of place.

If when you start the icemaker as I describe above the icemaker doesn’t go through a cycle replace the icemaker.

Note that if you replace the icemaker make sure that you remove the Stripper (#821 on the icemaker parts diagram) from your old icemaker and install it on you new if it doesn’t come with on that come with one that looks like your old one. Because with out this part ice will get hung when it dumps and it once took me 6 months to get this part from GE. Hope this helps!! Refrigerator repair guide
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