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Default Fixed leak using new Grommet (20-month old Whirlpool Gold Series)

The bottom-center of my 20-month old Whirlpool Gold series dishwasher (WDT790SAYM3) was leaking and damaged the wood-work around the cabinets in my kitchen.

The repairman said that he would have to replace the entire bottom assembly costing ~$200 in parts and $150 in labor. This is because, he said the grommet cannot be bought as a separate part.

Thanks to this excellent thread - This is what I did:
1. Removed the diverter motor assembly (white plastic piece with a small motor and 2 sets of wires) by taking out the 2 Torx screws (near the bottom center). Took pictures of the wires and disconnected them.
2. Put the Dishwasher back on it's feet - Removed all the fittings inside
3. Using a flat-head screwdriver, gently pryed out the grommet (around the removed diverter motor shaft) at the center. This took some patience and several tries.
4. Ordered a couple of Whirlpool grommets (Part# AP6016787 or WPW10195677) from It arrived next day!
5. Put the new grommet back on - Note that the groves (double-lip) of the grommet should be facing away from the motor unlike some comments in this thread.
6. Used some silicone grease on the motor shaft and put-back the motor, screws, and connected the wiring.
7. I just tested the dishwasher - no more leaks!

Another tip - Just put a shallow pan under the dishwasher and use a water sensor alarm like this: Re-Useable Water Leak Alarm-RWD21 - The Home Depot
This will help detect water leaks before it destroys your flooring.

Note that this grommet is a "Metric Oil Seal - Dual Lip with a Garter Spring - 10 mm Shaft, 18 mm OD, 4 mm Width". See details here:

For proper installation, the seal lip should point towards the medium being contained - water, in this case.

This is a bad design - Whirlpool needs to fix this or at least send out bulletins to the owners and all licensed technicians.

Good luck!

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