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Default Troubleshooting Help: Heats at first, then just cold air..?
Brand: Samsung   Age: Less than 1 year   

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I have a Samsung Steam Dryer (Gas)
Model DV338AGW

• No obstructions in the duct

• We start a load of wet laundry and choose any heat setting. Starts fine, hear the fire ignite.

• At some point in the cycle, we discover that the heat has stopped and the load is, now, essentially air drying. We try to start the load again. After pressing Start, the dryer begins to turn as usual.... but, about 15 seconds in, we hear a click click click click click and at the same time, there is an orange glow (below the drum, left side).... the clicking stops and the dryer continues to air dry without heat.

• At this point, if we try an air only setting, we do not hear the clicking.

• If we let the dryer sit for a long period of time (more than an hour) and we attempt drying again with heat, it does start up normally (we hear the blower ignite) and it does create heat. But again, it stops heating at some point in the cycle.

Some history on the machine - we did get this machine used. It is in great condition otherwise. The first load we tried in this machine dried perfectly.

Any ideas what would cause the heat to stop blowing midway through? I cannot find anything on Google. Thank you!

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