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Default Tips for installing GE EZ-Mount Disposal.
Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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Whether you are installing or fixing a leaking disposal with GE's EZ mount, there are a few things they don't tell you that you should know:

1. If replacing the flange WC15X10003, use GE original parts as the ones that you get are not as good as the other ones because even though they have more finishes than GE's plain stainless steel, they don't fit as well.
2. For stainless steel sinks the rubber flange gasket WC03X10007 will work fine but for ceramic sinks because of their irregularities at the drain hole, it needs to be thicker, so use 3 of them.
3. Use the rubber flange gaskets because they hold the flange in place when tightening it up while plumbers putty allows the flange to rotate.
4. While the instructions tell you to tighten the support ring WC05X10002 onto the flange , just loosely screw it on. After attaching the disposal then fully tighten it. This is really important because the disposal's weight will change the positioning of the flange in the sink causing it to probably leak.
5. Put a little vegetable oil on the fiber gasket WC03X10008 that goes between the sink and support ring as it will let you tighten it better and not rotate the flange.

Good Luck.

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