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Default washer won't fill on rinse cycle

OK - mine wasn't filling on the cold water side (and I didn't need hot water) so I just switched my hoses to trick it. Now the washer fills fine when I begin in the wash cycle - agitates drains and everything, but then will not fill up with water for the rinse cycle. Is it becuase then it knows I don't have any water to the "cold" hose in the back becuase I have swapped them? So what do I do to fix the cold side. the water in the wall runs fine through the hose on the cold water side, I've checked the little screen where you screw in the hose to washer and its clean, but the water will not go into the washer (it isn't draining in the drain hose) it just isn't going into the washer at all on the rinse cycle...
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