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Talking Bosch Dishwasher lower door seal

I'm no professional - but I just did this myself. Take out all the screws around the edges, the face and all four door hinge screws (the bottom ones hold the door seal). You can disconnect the handle and timing panel by just removing the one multi-pin connector , and the little silver sensor attached to the plastic breather assembly. This makes it all easier to get to and take a little time to clean old soap and degraded rubber from the area. Pay attention to how the seal snaps on and where the plastic fins go under the holding screws. I used a couple of Lock Pliers connected to the front clips on the Door tension arms and got a buddy (Wife or Teenager will do) to help hold the arms out from the chasis a couple of inches while I reinstalled the screws. The door seal has a dimple that fits in a corresponding dimple in the door tension arms. Take your time and just do the bottom screws that hold the seal in first. Once those are in you can Thank whoever helped you and send them on ther way. After this it's a one person job to just put the door and timer assembly back together. Whole thing took about 45 minutes. Good Luck
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