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Is there anything else it could possibly be? Would it be worth having a repair man check it out? Also, if it is the control board, where do I find a new one or am I expected to replace the wall ovens?

Thanks again.


Okay, the reason I was getting error codes is because I didn't have both sensors connected at the same time. I switched the sensors and tested them again and they are both definitely good as the one from the bad oven when placed in the good oven worked fine.

So now I just need to know how to replace the board or if I should call a repair man because there may be a much cheaper break that I am not going to pick up on before I purchase the board, assuming I can replace the control board.

Also, what is a limit switch? A repair person told me to check that. I'm assuming it is just another term for the thermostat overload that I already replaced.

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