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I tested the thermostat on the lowest ohm setting of 200 and it tested bad with the number 1 all the way on the left. I tested the good one just to make sure I was doing it right and it was good with the number being 0.

I tested the oven sensor, it wouldn't measure at the lowest ohm setting, so I moved it up to 2000 ohms and it tested at right around 1080. I also tested the good one to see how it compared and it tested around the same, also setting the multimeter at 2000 to get a reading.

I notice the sensor from the non-working oven is much darker and dirtier than the lower oven, but this is probably just from use.

I tried taking the sensor from the good oven and putting it in the bad oven just to see what that would do, but when I pushed the oven on it said, "350" on the display panel, but then kept going black very quickly before I could even push start. It finally gave me an error code. In green it said F3 and in smaller yellow it said E2.

Now the error code is E0 F3 and just a plain F3. Now I'm starting to wonder if I got the oven sensors mixed up and put the one from the bad oven back in.

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