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Hi again all (especially Joe!)...

OK, got everything taken apart, ordered the wrong thermal fuse, ordered the right one, and now have the most ridiculous problem.

I snipped the wired from the old thermal fuse, stripped the insulation and now have to connect them to the terminal block on the new thermal fuse.
Problem: The wires will not stay connected to the terminal block.

I loosened the screws on the block, put the exposed wire ends into the holes, and tightened the screws until I couldn't tighten them any more. Result? The wires pop right out with just a mild tug (or less).

It's a very simple operation, which I've done before on other devices, but it's like the screws won't tighten enough to grab onto the wires and hold them. I tried stripping the wire with shorter or longer exposed ends, but no difference.

Have you ever heard of anything like this? Any suggestions? The wires from the thermal fuse to the terminal block seem to be very secure. Not sure what I could be doing wrong. The only thing is that the screwdriver I'm using to get to the screws that are that small has a VERY small handle... I'm wondering if that's preventing me from tightening the screw enough? I kind of doubt it, because when the wire pops out, it looks like screw is down pretty far, but maybe not far enough.

Any thoughts? I'm going a little nuts at something so simple causing so much trouble!

Thanks again (again!)


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