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Thanks denman, yes I did try unplugging it.

I have no idea what would have caused a fuse to blow. The unit was working early that day, but not in the evening; I don't recall anything that happened that would have caused a blown fuse (it didn't stop working during operation).

I'm afraid I may just have to buy a new unit. Can anyone here tell me if all over-the-range units (of the same size) have their venting in the same area? Or will I have to be careful to pay attention to the specific measurements of the vent on the units to ensure I get one that will align with the venting that was put in for the current unit?



ps. I have seen a few people (via Google search) that said their trouble was due to door latch problems, which sounds like a simple fix - is this a possibility or would this cause different symptoms?

Originally Posted by denman View Post
have you trie removing power to it for a couple minute to see if it will reset?
Either unplug it of flip it's breaker off depending how it is wired in.

I did look up the wiring diagram for this unit and there is a fuse in the magnetron circuit but something would have cause the fuse to blow.

Below are some of the parts that may do this with approximate prices.
Magnetron $140.00
Transformer $165.00
Control Board $160.00
Add labor to this and you are getting close to the cost of a new ubnit.

It could be something that is less expensive but it is a gamble.

A microwave is not something that you should tackle unless you have some electrical experience.
The magnetron uses high voltage which is very dangerous and some units do not automatically discharge this voltage when unplugged.
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