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When I short the meter leads together I get a zero offset of 0.01 When I put the leads across the overload terminals I get 0.03 . I have another frig with the same type/shape overload that runs fine. Tested that overload just to see if the readings were the same, it was 0.03 also. From the wiring diagram it says the compressor run windings should be between 1-6 ohm's resistance (mine are 3.6) and that the start windings should be between 3-11 ohm's resistance (mine are 10.5) I think my problem is with that reading, it's to high, that the start windings are burnt something. Letting it start when cold, but not when warm or hot. Plus the start and run ohm's resistance total of 13.9 doesn't equal. (10.5 + 3.6 = 14.1) The other (good) frig compressor tested 4.2 on run winding and 6.4 on start winding and a total across run and start of 10.6 that is equal (4.2 + 6.4 = 10.6). I think my start windings has something wrong with them. So, I'm ready to give in. Going to call AmerenUE to pick it up, they give you $50 if it is running. Not going to plug it in till the day they are coming to pick it up. Then I'll pull the start device before they load it up and get my money back for that part. All I'm out is my time then. Denman I want to thank you for all your help. You save allot of people allot of money. We appreciate it. I can see from your 15K plus posts you have been at it awhile. Keep sharing your knowledge, the world is a better place for it. PS: Your correct, the frig has no cap.

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