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Ok, tried three times plugging in frig when cold, compressor runs great, takes freezer temp down to -10 set on the middle setting of 3. After two or three hours the compressor starts that click-short hum-off deal about every 8 to 10 seconds. Unplug it, let it set a while and cool down, starts, runs great, till to starts it's click deal.
I did not replace the little overload when I replaced the start device relay. Should I have replaced that also? Could the overload be bad, keeping it from starting when the compressor is warm? Any way to test the overload with a meter? I have another overload on another frig, that sure looks like the same part, don't know if part numbers match, could I try a swap, maybe? Just hard to believe the compressor is bad when it gets the frig that cold.
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