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Ok guys, got start device yesterday, and put it on, plugged in frig, compressor took right running. Set dial to coldest setting 9 and put thermometer in the freezer compartment. Checked 6 hours later, -10 degrees! Let run over night, still -10 this morning, so turned the dial down to 5 normal setting. Checked again about 5 hours later, up to 20 degrees. Walked around back, could hear compressor trying to kick in and out. Felt compressor and it was pretty hot, so unplugged it to let it cool down. Going to try to plug it back in later when cool. Oh, I still have the cardboard off of the back of frig. Would that make the air circulation that bad to cause the compressor to get hot? Are is this compressor shot? Bad run windings or something? Help again, please?
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