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Thanks for the replies! Richappy, I guess your saying the compressor could still be bad? I also tested for continuity between all the pins and they all have continuity. Denman, when I tested for a short, here is what I did. I put one test lead on each pin one at a time and the other test lead on the ground terminal of the compressor housing. I think maybe I stated my readings wrong when I said they each read 0 ohm's. I had the meter set to read ohm's, but the meter did not register anything on any of the pins. The screen did not read like 0.0, it was blank. Did I state that wrong I guess? Open and closed circuits always confuse me. Throwing short circuit and infinite in there makes it worse. I always thought that a closed circuit let current thru, and a open circuit did not, correct? Anyway, ordered the start device and will put it on and see if it works when I get it. Will let you guy's know if it works or not. Thanks for helping a guy that knows just enough to be dangerous!
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